Although polygamy is allowed in Somalia, it is quite uncommon for one man to marry two women at the same. So when a young Somalian man, Bashir Mohamed, from Ahmed Dhagah district decided to wed two brides, Iqra and Nimo, at once, people were taken by surprise.

Mohamed and his brides, Iqra and Nimo

Speaking to the BBC, Mohamed explained that he chose to marry two women at the same time because he wants to have lots of children. He also revealed that marrying them at the same time would, firstly, rid them off any jealousy between them and secondly, ensure that each woman feel equal since they would both be aware of each other.

Mohamed dated his new brides for about eight before asking them to tie knots with him. “I used to bring them together to socialize with me at my home, I used to say openly to both of them that I love them. They were satisfied,” he said.
Mohamed also had a few words of advice to other men wishing to enter into a polygamous marriage:
“I will encourage other men to do it, if they can afford it”.

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