Andy, 40 and Meaghan, 21

An online advert placed by a heart broken man carried the following message:

“Hi, recently I got married in Mexico on the 3rd of June and this was the wedding set I used while Meaghan Mitchell said her marriage vows.
However, six days later I found out she started having an affair on her hen night and it carried on for eight weeks through our dream wedding”.

Andy Mitchell, 40, was shocked to find out that his wife, Meaghan, 21, was having an affair just days after they wed on June 3rd, 2018 in Mexico. Then just 16 days after their wedding, the new wife took off with her lover, leaving her new husband nursing a broken heart.

Andy Mitchell and Meaghan got married on 3rd June, 2018.

The couples’ lavish wedding was attended by their closest friends and family who were reportedly left embarrassed after learning Meaghan began the affair at her bachelorette party.

Heartbroken Andy was left with no choice but to put up his wedding ring for sale. He placed an advert online together with screenshots of intimate conversations his wife had with her lover. Andy said he got hold of the conversations after grabbing the phone from her:
“We had no secrets. We trusted each other completely. I managed to get her phone off her and locked her outside.
I read all the messages and took pictures. All her friends and family are embarrassed. They don’t want anything to do with her”.

Andy’s wedding ring up for sale

Meaghan denies she had sex with her lover at her bachelorette party but admits and takes full responsibility for taking off with another man.
“We did not have sex on our hen do – it was after the wedding. I didn’t do anything on my hen night.
We know what we’ve done and take full responsibility. I was young and naive when I first got with him”.

Andy and Meaghan’s happier times

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