Rats reportedly chewed through around $14600 (K147000) in an ATM in India’s north eastern Tinsukia district.

The ATM had been out of service for 3 weeks, and technicians were called in to fix it.
According to the district Superintend of Police, “the engineer and other officials opened the ATM on June 11, they found destroyed notes and also found a dead mouse inside the ATM.”
Police believe the rats may have entered the machine through an open hole meant for wires.

Rats chewed over $19000 inside an ATM machine

However, officials at the bank highly doubt that rats caused the damage saying “this three week period marks an unusually long time for an ATM to be out of service. People are suspicious as to why it took so long for the mechanics to arrive.”
The banks have since launched an investigation into the matter.
Police in the other hand are do not believe this was the working of any one person. “We have not found any evidence of involvement from a bank official or any other outsider.”

Most of it was left unusable but officials did managed to salvage only around $10500 (K105 700).

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