The infamous Black Mountain in Kitwe’s Wusakile Township has collapsed leaving at least a dozen dead and several others missing.

Black mountain victims.
Recovered bodies of victims.

A Video which surfaced on June 10, 2018 showed how hazardous and unstable the mountain was. Many were left concerned that miners risked being buried alive due to an inevitable collapse.

At around 09:50 hours today (20/06/2018) the mountain collapsed killing and injuring dozens of people. The footage below shows the moment the mountain collapsed.

The mountain has been a subject of contention between the Jerabos (small-scale miners) and a Chinese company ‘Nkana Alloy and Smelting Compay’ over the past years.

Earlier this year, government finally handed over the disputed site to Chapamo Minerals Processing Company, a company formed by the Jerabos and Nkana Alloy.

Many jobless Kitwe youths depend on the mountain as their main source of income.

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