A man of Akpaa Mbato, Nigeria, has been arrested for being in an Incestuous relationship with his aunt.

According to reports, the 22 year old, Agaezichi Ogbonna, has been involved in the shocking love affair with his aunt for some time now.

When Ogbonna’s mother came to know of the affair, she quickly condemned it and asked both her son and her sister to call off the taboo. The two outrightly rebuffed her request and carried on with the affair.

Ogbonna reportedly beat up and killed his mother this past Saturday (June 16, 2018) after she walked in on the pair and found them in a compromising position.
“Yesterday, his mother saw him with the girl and warned about the consequences of their love affair and Ogbonna rained blows on the woman. She fell to the ground and died” said a spectator.

Ogbonna and his lover/aunt then decided to make a run for it. They however did not get far.
“When they saw, she has died, they ran away but Ogbonna was arrested by some youths while his girlfriend escaped” he added.

The youths handed him over to local soldiers who have since surrendered the suspect to the police.

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