A man from Ancona, Italy has been arrested for consciously passing on the deadly HIV virus to at least 200 hundred women.

Reports indicate that the Claudio Pinti, a truck driver, engaged in unprotected sex with his partners despite having been aware of his status for at least 11 years.

According to a police statement, the suspect’s travelling job took him all over Italy where he met and engaged in sexual activity with the victims without taking any precautions nor warn his partners about his condition. Pinti was also a regular user of dating websites, said police.

Claudio Pinti

Mr Pinti’s arrest came after one of his victims discovered she had contracted the virus. She took to the hospital after falling ill; she received the dreadful news and rushed to alert the authorities.

Claudio Pinti accused of knowingly infecting over 200 women with the hiv-virus

The suspect’s picture was only made public so that potential victims could recognize him and contact the police. They have been receiving and verifying calls, said a police spokesman.

When questioned by the police, Claudio denied any knowledge about his HIV status.

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