Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

A 38 year old mentally ill man, Godfrey Sibanda, fatally stabbed his 25 year old wife, Moline Maimba, several times in her back and her chest after mistaking her for a lion.

A neighbour rushed to the couples’s house after hearing loud screams, only to find Sibanda on top of his wife, still stabbing her.

Sibanda had an argument with his wife the day before the incident. He spent the night away and returned to stab her the following morning.

Sibanda told the high court that “I saw her appearing as a lion, then I realized later that I had killed my wife”.
Bulawayo 24 News reports that Sibanda’s family is allegedly possessed with an ancestral spirit. “His mother is a psychiatric patient, his two brothers are also mentally challenged and they have been seeking help from traditional healers for a long time”.
Court Judge Mathosi freed Sibanda saying that;
“Sibanda should not be held responsible for his actions, because of his mental condition. Instead he should get some serious help, therefore I see it fit not to send him back to jail, but instead should be transferred to a mental hospital”.
-Bulawayo 24.

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