5 HIV positive Nigerian gay men aressted after a serious fight.

5 gay men were arrested in Lagos, Nigeria when a vicious brawl broke out after they contracted the HIV virus.

The fight was sparked by a confrontation between a man named Ezeugo and his ex-boyfriend. Ezeugo was in the company of his new lover when his ex-boyfriend called him out for infecting him with the virus.

The men reportedly tore down the place which forced neighbours call in the authorities to restore peace.
YabaLeftOnline.com reports that a police source confirmed the incident stating that:

“We got a distress call from residents around 3am that there was a fight among five homosexuals living together in a room apartment. The tenant who accommodated the others, Ezeugo, had gone out to bring a new gay partner and was about to sleep with him when his first lover protested that he could not be sleeping with him and his tribesman from Calabar, Cross River State.”

Ezeugo denied intending to sleep with the new man, however, the state Police Police Public Relations Officer, SP ChiKe Oti, went on to state that “They were into gay relationship and a quarrel broke out among them….. One of them confessed to be HIV/AIDS positive and said it was his boyfriend that infected him. The boyfriend was sleeping with the other men as well and that was the cause of their fight.”

Oti identified the 5 suspects as Marvellous, Dara, Ezeugo, Akachukwu and Abuchi.
All men are still in police custody assisting with the investigation.

SOURCE: YabaLeftOnline.com

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